Beth Graser



Duke University

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Hillsboro School District

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Beth Graser has been serving as the Chief Communications Officer for the Hillsboro School District since July of 2009. Prior to that, she spent nearly thirteen years at Epson Portland Inc. as their Public Relations Representative. Beth grew up in Hillsboro and was one of the valedictorians of her graduating class at Glencoe before heading off to Duke University where she competed on the track team and graduated magna cum laude. Her foray into the education arena began in 1995 when she worked for the Massachusetts Department of Education in a group developing math and science curriculum frameworks, and resurfaced in 2007 when she was elected to a seat on the Hillsboro School Board. Beth served on the Board for two years before resigning her position to pursue her current opportunity. She is passionate about education and serving the Hillsboro community.